Aleksandra (fauxfromage) wrote in the_stoop,

Alexandra Meets Philip, or, How She Proved Herself Psychic

A: Philip?
P: How'd you know my name?
A: I'm psychic. I also know that you go to Harvard and that you went to MIT.
P: What? How did you know that? It's true; here's my Harvard ID!
A: Really. I'm psychic.
P: Where do you go to school?
A: Hunter. (I wave my hand toward MAD AVE)
P: So you're a few years behind me. O.K., if you're really psychic, then where did I go to high school?
A: Shoot. I didn't think about this one. (Running through my mind are Spence, St. Regis, the Lycee, the Lyceeum Kennedy, a number of nameless schools that just look full of Jews) Um... (Not Hunter!) Damn! Stuyvesant?
P: Holy shit! Yes! (He enters the building)
Others: Did you know that part? About Stuy?
A: No, I totally guessed. But I kind of knew Stuy was right.
O: Why?
A: He just looks like a Stuy kid.
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